Treasury on the Plaza Wedding – Jasmine & Jermaine

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Treasury on the Plaza Wedding of Jasmine & Jermaine Cats, dogs & cows We watched as the map of St Augustine lit up the screen behind the reporter. It didn’t look good and his words confirmed it. “…avoid being outdoors today folks. There’s going to be a significant thunderstorm for most of the day.” We […]


Atlantis Hotel Barbados Wedding: Faith & Marcus

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The Atlantis Hotel Barbados wedding of Faith & Marcus The alarm shook us out of our deep sleep. I looked over at my phone and she started back at me with 4:30 a.m. I rolled over thinking to myself – I have time, why is my alarm set so early. Fifteen seconds later I jumped […]


Cinderalla Engagement Session with Sara & Kyle

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A Cinderalla Engagement Session with Sara & Kyle No matter how young or old you are, I bet you’ve imagined being a princess at some point. Adjust your crown. You’ve found your prince charming and your royal carriage awaits. Yep…I’ve imagined that scene complete with a vine covered castle in England and garden tea parties. […]


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Family Portraits with the Gould’s in Palm Beach

Family Portraits in Palm Beach with the Gould Family Family & Style Our ears instantly perk up when we hear accents. Consequently, if you happen to have a Trinidadian lilt to your voice then we may as well be family. It’s hard not to connect with people who have island blood coursing through their veins. […]



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