That’s what your tribe wants to see. The heart and soul behind the www{dot} because if we truly ‘see’ you, we connect to you and if we connect to you, we engage with you and if we engage with you, we’ll always want to be invited into everything you have to offer.
That’s what this photo branding experience is about; going beyond the cookie cutter expectations to invite people into a space of transparency by sharing genuine stories about your brand IRL (in real life) visuals.

1 in 70 trillion. Has anyone ever told you that’s who you are? It means that for as long as you live there will not be another person who looks like you, has your perspective, or embodies the passions you have. Who you are makes what you do and how you do it unique. 

packaging & process

So our approach is to use authentic unposed photos to help your tribe get to know you. Our approach is intimate so that we capture photos that create a relatable brand, inviting your audience to connect with you.

So, here’s how we get it done and what you get out of it:
We come to you, once per quarter, and capture IRL unposed photos in less than a day. We handle all of the details like editing, captions, and social media strategy behind how to share your personal branding photos. 
-  4 shoots per year; 1 per quarter
-  In real life photos = authentic photos for genuine connections
-  Minimum 60 photos per shoot
-  Visual strategy planning before each shoot + social strategy guidance post shoot
-  24 hour image selection

People do business with brands they know, like and trust. 

in a snap


the sessions

This session is for the starters who are in the early stages of growing their brand online and are ready to put stakes in the digital ground.

This session lasts 3 hours and includes 3 stories with up to 60 high resolution and fully edited images from your session.

We advise you on how to best use these photos for social media posts, websites, marketing materials and more.

$299 (per month)



 $599 (per month)

Are you ready to expand your vision and grow your audience?

This session takes place over 5 hours and includes 6 stories with up to 90 high resolution and fully edited images from your session.

It also includes up to 3 animated quotes for your social media profile.


$1099 (per month)

Expand is for individuals offering multiple streams of content to their audience.  

This 8 hour session includes unlimited images and stories. It also includes motion graphic animations for 3 videos you may have.

What everybody really wants to know - F.A.Q

You don’t. What you invest in depends on what your needs are and how you want to grow. We offer photo branding sessions that are done one time with more immediate needs for website in mind.

However, if want to build a brand that is trustworthy, relatable and recognizable, showing up consistently online will be your ticket to success. Having a rotating library of images at your disposal will help to ensure that your content is current.

1. Do I have to sign up for a year?

It’s for personal brands whose core services involve empowerment and impact.

The following is a quick (but not exhaustive) list of people we work with: business consultant, personal chefs, health coach, speaker, personal trainer, life coach, psychologist, private doctors, interior designers, nutritionists and financial planners

2. Who is this for?

Of course, we’ll include a mixture of traditional and candid headshots for those upcoming speaking engagements and book tours that you may have coming ;-)

3. Will I get headshots too?

We sure do! Just contact us with your needs for a custom quote.

Yes! once you select the package that's right for you, you will pay a retainer then the monthly rates quoted for your package. you can also pay for the year in full and get 1 month free!

4. Do you offer single branding sessions? I just need a few photos to launch or update my website

5. Do you offer payment plans for yearly packages?